lundi 15 avril 2013

12. THE RAUNCH HANDS "Stomp It" (1984)

The first time i've heard about The Rauch Hands was when I bought this single way back in 1984 at Midnight Records. At this time, I didn't make the link between the singer Mike Chandler and Outta Place but the cover looked good and the pictures, the band's name  and the covers were a promess of roots R'n'R !! If the two covers on B side "I Got a Woman" and "Stampede" sound very classic, the A side "Stomp it" prefigures the raw mix of Mariconda's twanggy garage guitar sound with a shot of hot rythm'n'blues. Later the band developped this style on Crypt and were one of the greatest live band from the 90s.
To learn more about the debut of the Rauch Hands, read the story from Mike Tchang himself here.

"5 garçons dans le fumier", c'est ainsi que les Rauch Hands firent leur apparition sur ce premier single en 1984. Loin de la new-wave synthétique de l'époque, cette pochette "à la ferme" était la promesse d'un retour au racines du R'n'R comme plus au sud le proposait également les Leroy Brothers. Sur le coup, je n'avais pas fait le rapprochement entre Leur chanteur Mike Chandler et le Chandler de Outta Place, mais j'avais apprécié ce mélange de guitare surf-garage et de rythm'n'blues roots qui fit le succès du groupe plus tard sur Crypt. On retrouve avec "Stampede" une trace des débuts du groupe où, sans Chandler, ils ne jouaient que des instrumentaux. Pour en savoir plus sur les débuts des rauch Hands, lisez l'histoire directement de Mike Tchang, leur guitariste, ICI.
And I add this cool video from the same period featuring The Rauch Hands and The Clintons , from  Peter Hutton's movie "No Picnic" filmed in 85.

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  2. Living in NYC I was fortunate enough to see The Raunch Hands many times back in the 80's. It's a pretty safe bet to say that when they were running on all cylinders, there was nobody better.

  3. I actually bought this at Midnight Records as well. I lived very close to the store on 23rd Street in NYC. I also got to see them a bit back then. Nice to have an MP3 version. Thanks.