samedi 3 janvier 2015

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Nouveau blog consacré exclusivement aux groupes français des années 80
New blog dedicated to the french rock from the 80's


mercredi 31 décembre 2014

32. CYNICS "I'm In Pittsburgh And It's Raining" (1985)

Great "official Fan Club Release" on Get Hip. The Pittsburgh's garage kings covering the classic Outcats tune (The Outcasts were actually from san Antonio!). 

More about The Cynics HERE

The original Outcasts Peebles classic

lundi 29 décembre 2014

31 DOGS "Charlie was a good boy!" (1977)

This post is dedicated to the memory of Patrick "Midnight Rambler" who ruled the Sons of The Dolls Blog.
This blog inspired me when I began mine. Patrick always did a wonderfull job with so much passion. We shared so much, same musical taste, same memories and even more....
I know this single was one of his favorites...

Ce post est dédié à la mémoire de notre ami Patrick "Midnight Rambler" qui dirigeait le blog Sons of The Dolls et qui nous a quitté il y a peu. Son blog m'a donné envie de partager quelques disques sur le net. Il faisait un boulot énorme avec une telle passion. Nous partagions les mêmes gôuts, les mêmes souvenirs et encore plus...
Je sais que ce single était un des ces préférés ...


jeudi 17 juillet 2014

30. LIME SPIDERS "Slave Girl" (1984)

Hey Kids! I'm back with this classic mid-80's savage australian single by the Lime Spiders. One of the best Citadel releases!
Formed in 79, the Lime spiders disbanded soon after the release of their great "25th hour'" double single.
The group reformed again by August 1983 with Blood and Jakimyszyn joined by Tony Bambach on bass guitar and Richard Lawson on drums. Both were from The Most, one of their rivals in the Battle of the Bands competition. In March 1984 the new line-up recorded the band's second single, "Slave Girl". It was co-produced by the band with Tom Misner, who Blood described as "an older dude who owned the School of Audio business (Central Recorders). He warmed immediately to the vibe of the song". It was co-written by Blood and Jakimyszyn. Blood later told TheDwarf website about writing the track: "[it] come from a throwaway riff that [Jakimyszyn] used to peel off automatically at rehearsals every time he plugged his guitar into his amp, to check his sound ... I asked [him] to keep playin' the riff, as I thought we could construct a song around it. He looked at me as if I was crazy ... but obligingly cranked his amp & played it with venom, as the band jammed on it for the first time ... I went away with the riff in my head without any lyrics. I woke up one Sat morning at a house I was staying at in [Chippendale] and the lyrics flooded my head and I wrote them down as fast as I was thinking of them ... [later] I came armed with the last verse. I suggested to Jacko that he play something he's never done before for the second guitar solo, to take the song to another level. ... [He] blew us away with a searing metal edged freakout before turning around & shyly seeking approval. It was difficult to speak with our mouths agape".

"Slave Girl" was the number-one independent single in Australia for 1984,. The track received airplay in Europe including France, Germany, Spain and Sweden: "where fans in those territories became hooked on its wild acid-punk sound".In September 1984 the band added Gerard Corben on rhythm guitar (also ex-The Most). The success of "Slave Girl" led to the overseas release of a 12" mini-LP that compiled all six of their recorded tracks as Slave Girl, released in France by Closer records. In January 1985 Jakimyszyn left the band (after being diagnosed with schizophrenia)
"Slave Girl " is actually one of my fave new-garage song!!

samedi 22 mars 2014

29. HYSTERIC NARCOTICS "Wild As Soul" (1985)

Here's the first single by The Nysteric Narcotics a grat unknown band from the second 80's garage revival scene, More psychedelic than many of the garage band of that time  the Hysteric Narcotics delivered a great modern garage music and also released an album higly recommanded and two more singles. You can buy a retrospective of all their music THERE.
"Originally the Hysteric Narcotics came from Livonia, a western suburb of Detroit that wasn’t known for much other than being the home of the local horseracing track.  Livonia didn’t have the “coolness” associated with Royal Oak or Ferndale or the grittiness of Hamtramck or Detroit, but it proved to be a fertile breeding place for musicians like the Hysteric Narcotics and Bob Mulrooney (Ramrods, Bootsey X).  The lineup of the Hysteric Narcotics in 1986 consisted of Mike Murphy (vocals), Charles "Chip" Frayne (aka Sercombe) (drums), Keith Soucy (bass), Dave Feeney (organ), Mark Niemenski (guitar).  Sean Curran was their original guitarist.  According to Mike Murphy, the name “Hysteric Narcotics” was put together by combining the names “the Hysterics” and “the Narcotics” and held no special significance.  By this time Mike Murphy had played in a series of local bands that spawned the original “punk rock” movement in Detroit: the Denizens, the Rushlow-King Combo, Jerry Vile and the Boners.  I was lucky enough to see all of these bands in their heyday at Bookies and the Red Carpet and was constantly amazed at the wide variety of music that could be found around Detroit.
In an interview with Dennis Loren in 1986 for RPM magazine, the music of the Hysteric Narcotics was described as combination of “garage music” and the “psychedelic sound” of the 1960s.  Those influences are heard in their music, but the Hysteric Narcotics sound took that music from the 60s and added their own brand of individuality and some good old-time Detroit edge to it.  During this time the band released their debut single on Tremor Records and followed it up with 2 more singles on Rafscallion Records.  This was followed by their only LP – “Batteries Not Included” from 1986 and also on Rafscallion Records.  This album is essential listening for anybody that loves “garage music” and appreciates how good rock & roll music should sound.  The Hysteric Narcotics also appeared on several Detroit-area compilations that were put out by Tremor Records and others.  They played frequently in such local clubs such as Paycheck’s, St. Andrew’s, Lili’s, Traxx and the like.  Several lineup changes also occurred during their career.  Jerry Barterian came in to play drums and Larry Ulrich played keyboards.  The Hysterics toured around the country playing shows in places as diverse as CBGB’s in New York City, Rochester, NY and San Francisco, CA.  They were working on their second album, which unfortunately was never done because the band parted ways." from the great nestorindetroit blog.

Les Hysteric Narcotics, comme leur blaze peut le laisser supposer, firent partie de la seconde vague revival garage US avec une nette tendance au psychédélisme. Venant de la banlieue de Detroit et ayant joués dans divers obscurs groupes punk, les Hysteric Narcotics épousèrent la cause garage dans le milieu des 80's et produisirent en plus de ce premier single, un album très recommandables "Batteries Not Included" et deux autrex singlex avant de disparaître (pour se reformer pour quelques concerts vers 2010 à l'occasion de la sortie d'un CD compilation). Vous trouverez cette rétrospective de leur oeuvre ICI.

 Charlotte's Web from "Batteries Not Included" Lp

dimanche 9 février 2014

28 THE OULETS "Sheila / A Valentine Song" (1985)

The Outlets have been one of the most prolific and exciting live bands in the Northeast since the early 80′s. There have been several line-up changes throughout the years but the music by David Barton, an extraordinarily talented songwriter, has remained brilliantly intense, with power pop hooks and a punk attitude. Live, The Outlets, then and now, create an overpowering presence, great music and kick ass rock! The Outlets’ first releases were on Modern Method (Mike Dreese/Newbury Comics‘ label); they later released singles on American Music/One Way Productions and One Way Productions.This third single is on the great Throbbing Lobster label. A side is a fantastic power-pop song that will directly blow you outta mind! B side is a slowest song specially for nex Valentine DAy!!

Les Outlets étaient de la seconde vague punk/Power pop de Boston, trop jeunes pour faire partie de la bande du Rat et trop précoce pour avoir le succès des futurs Lemonheads. Ils ont sortis 4 singles entre 80 et 85, celui-ci est le troisième avec une superbe power-pop tune "Sheila", du vrai caviar! Il signèrent ensuite chez restless/Enigma sans rencontrer le succès escompté et se reformèrent à la fin des 90's puis dans les années 2000...

Visit their site and buy their records!

samedi 4 janvier 2014

27 THE COMMANDOS "Psycho/My Baby Loves Monster Movies" (1985)

Commandos were the band of Suzy Elkins and Garry Felton . They settled in Austin at a time , the mid 80's when the city moved a lot around the Leroi Brothers. On this single, released for Halloween on Jungle , the label of the Leroi Brothers, we also found Mike Buck and Don Leady of Leroi fame and Omar Dykes, from Omar and the Howlers and Wes Star, another Howler . Side A is a cover of  The Sonics "Psycho"  that evokes the early Leroi Brothers  but my favorite is the B-side, "My Baby Loves Monster Movies" , a amazing  rock-country tune, certainly one of the best of that time when it was about country- punk (Jason & The Scorchers ... ) . The Commandos released a more classic album"Edge of town"  ( it was posted on Son Of The Dolls blog a few years ago ) and another single in Holland , it seems thet they even toured in Finland. Suzy was in another band The Drapes with Webb Wilder and made ​​a country album in 2004.Note the participation of Al Lewis, the actor playing the role of "Granpa" in the series "The Munsters".

Les Commandos étaient le groupe de Suzy Elkins et de Garry Felton. Ils s'étaient installés à Austin à une époque, les mid 80's où la ville bougeait beaucoup autour de la clique des Leroi Brothers. Sur ce single, sorti pour haloween sur Jungle, le label des premiers Leroi Brothers, , on retrouve d'ailleurs Mike Buck (qui signe la pochette) et Don Leady des Frères Leroi ainsi que Omar Dykes, le Omar de Omar and the Howlers et Wes Star, un autre Howler. La face A est une reprise du "Psycho" des sonics qui évoque les Lery Brothers des débuts mais ma face préférée est la face B, "My baby Loves Monster Movies", un superbe morceau rock-country, certainement un des meilleurs de cette époque où l'on parler de country-punk  (Jason and The scorchers ...). Les Commandos ont sortis un album plus classique "Edge of town" (il avait été posté sur Son Of The Dolls il y a quelques années) et un autre single en Hollande, ils tournèrent même en Finlande, semble-t-il. Suzy a participé à un autre groupe The Drapes avec Webb Wilder et a réalisé un album country en 2004. A noter la participation de Al Lewis, l'acteur jouant le rôle de "Granpa" dans la série "The Munsters".
Suzy Elkins and Garry Felton 1985