jeudi 17 juillet 2014

30. LIME SPIDERS "Slave Girl" (1984)

Hey Kids! I'm back with this classic mid-80's savage australian single by the Lime Spiders. One of the best Citadel releases!
Formed in 79, the Lime spiders disbanded soon after the release of their great "25th hour'" double single.
The group reformed again by August 1983 with Blood and Jakimyszyn joined by Tony Bambach on bass guitar and Richard Lawson on drums. Both were from The Most, one of their rivals in the Battle of the Bands competition. In March 1984 the new line-up recorded the band's second single, "Slave Girl". It was co-produced by the band with Tom Misner, who Blood described as "an older dude who owned the School of Audio business (Central Recorders). He warmed immediately to the vibe of the song". It was co-written by Blood and Jakimyszyn. Blood later told TheDwarf website about writing the track: "[it] come from a throwaway riff that [Jakimyszyn] used to peel off automatically at rehearsals every time he plugged his guitar into his amp, to check his sound ... I asked [him] to keep playin' the riff, as I thought we could construct a song around it. He looked at me as if I was crazy ... but obligingly cranked his amp & played it with venom, as the band jammed on it for the first time ... I went away with the riff in my head without any lyrics. I woke up one Sat morning at a house I was staying at in [Chippendale] and the lyrics flooded my head and I wrote them down as fast as I was thinking of them ... [later] I came armed with the last verse. I suggested to Jacko that he play something he's never done before for the second guitar solo, to take the song to another level. ... [He] blew us away with a searing metal edged freakout before turning around & shyly seeking approval. It was difficult to speak with our mouths agape".

"Slave Girl" was the number-one independent single in Australia for 1984,. The track received airplay in Europe including France, Germany, Spain and Sweden: "where fans in those territories became hooked on its wild acid-punk sound".In September 1984 the band added Gerard Corben on rhythm guitar (also ex-The Most). The success of "Slave Girl" led to the overseas release of a 12" mini-LP that compiled all six of their recorded tracks as Slave Girl, released in France by Closer records. In January 1985 Jakimyszyn left the band (after being diagnosed with schizophrenia)
"Slave Girl " is actually one of my fave new-garage song!!

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  2. Merci. Sauvage à souhait