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29. HYSTERIC NARCOTICS "Wild As Soul" (1985)

Here's the first single by The Nysteric Narcotics a grat unknown band from the second 80's garage revival scene, More psychedelic than many of the garage band of that time  the Hysteric Narcotics delivered a great modern garage music and also released an album higly recommanded and two more singles. You can buy a retrospective of all their music THERE.
"Originally the Hysteric Narcotics came from Livonia, a western suburb of Detroit that wasn’t known for much other than being the home of the local horseracing track.  Livonia didn’t have the “coolness” associated with Royal Oak or Ferndale or the grittiness of Hamtramck or Detroit, but it proved to be a fertile breeding place for musicians like the Hysteric Narcotics and Bob Mulrooney (Ramrods, Bootsey X).  The lineup of the Hysteric Narcotics in 1986 consisted of Mike Murphy (vocals), Charles "Chip" Frayne (aka Sercombe) (drums), Keith Soucy (bass), Dave Feeney (organ), Mark Niemenski (guitar).  Sean Curran was their original guitarist.  According to Mike Murphy, the name “Hysteric Narcotics” was put together by combining the names “the Hysterics” and “the Narcotics” and held no special significance.  By this time Mike Murphy had played in a series of local bands that spawned the original “punk rock” movement in Detroit: the Denizens, the Rushlow-King Combo, Jerry Vile and the Boners.  I was lucky enough to see all of these bands in their heyday at Bookies and the Red Carpet and was constantly amazed at the wide variety of music that could be found around Detroit.
In an interview with Dennis Loren in 1986 for RPM magazine, the music of the Hysteric Narcotics was described as combination of “garage music” and the “psychedelic sound” of the 1960s.  Those influences are heard in their music, but the Hysteric Narcotics sound took that music from the 60s and added their own brand of individuality and some good old-time Detroit edge to it.  During this time the band released their debut single on Tremor Records and followed it up with 2 more singles on Rafscallion Records.  This was followed by their only LP – “Batteries Not Included” from 1986 and also on Rafscallion Records.  This album is essential listening for anybody that loves “garage music” and appreciates how good rock & roll music should sound.  The Hysteric Narcotics also appeared on several Detroit-area compilations that were put out by Tremor Records and others.  They played frequently in such local clubs such as Paycheck’s, St. Andrew’s, Lili’s, Traxx and the like.  Several lineup changes also occurred during their career.  Jerry Barterian came in to play drums and Larry Ulrich played keyboards.  The Hysterics toured around the country playing shows in places as diverse as CBGB’s in New York City, Rochester, NY and San Francisco, CA.  They were working on their second album, which unfortunately was never done because the band parted ways." from the great nestorindetroit blog.

Les Hysteric Narcotics, comme leur blaze peut le laisser supposer, firent partie de la seconde vague revival garage US avec une nette tendance au psychédélisme. Venant de la banlieue de Detroit et ayant joués dans divers obscurs groupes punk, les Hysteric Narcotics épousèrent la cause garage dans le milieu des 80's et produisirent en plus de ce premier single, un album très recommandables "Batteries Not Included" et deux autrex singlex avant de disparaître (pour se reformer pour quelques concerts vers 2010 à l'occasion de la sortie d'un CD compilation). Vous trouverez cette rétrospective de leur oeuvre ICI.

 Charlotte's Web from "Batteries Not Included" Lp

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