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16. THE TRYFLES "Your Lies/When I see These Guy" ( 1985)

In the early 80's New-York new garage scene was very active and the 3 main bands "Outta Place", "The Fuzztones" and  "The Tryfles" had their records issued on the same label, DJ Martignon's Midnight Records.
The Tryfles were John Fay (who played also in an early formula of Outta Place), Peter Stuart Kohman, Ellen O"neil et Lesya Karpilov. It was a geat live band, playing main venues in NY. they signed with Midnight and made one LP (that you can find on the great Twilightzone blog THERE) and this single in 85. The band dismissed before the single was out as recalls Fay "the single was released seven month after we did the master I never could figure out why there was such a delay. perhaps the band might have survived if it hat some product". It's good type of 80's revival garage even if it's less wild than Outta Place of the early Fuzztones and more psyche. 

You can read more about the Midnight Records'story on Bananas Magazine HERE.

La scene garage new-yorkaise du début des 80's était très active avec des groupes comme Outta Place, The Fuzztones et The Tryfles, qui tous enregistrèrent pour le label du français DJ Martignon exilé à NY, Midnight Records. Les Tryfles étaient composés de John Fay, un vieux  pote de Elan Portnoy des 'Tones et de Jordan Tarlow d'Outta Place, de Peter Suart Kohman, Ellen O'Neil et Lesya Karpilov. réputés pour leurs prestations scéniques, les Tryfles signèrent sur Midnight pour qui ils enregistrèrent un album (que vous trouverez ICI) et ce single qui sortit après le split du groupe en 85. Les deux titres, moins sauvages que leurs compagnons d'écuries Outta Place ou Fuzztones, demeurent des classiques de revival garage un brin psyché.

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