mercredi 20 mars 2013

06. THE CYNICS "Painted My Heart" (1985)

OK ...For you happy Grave Diggers,  here's the first record ever recorded by The Cynics back in early 1985, it was also released on lLee Joseph's Dionysus Records. It was recorded with first singer Mark Keresman wo left the band soon after (he now writes music revews in differents magazines). The A side is an original tune signed by all the band and might been surprising for later Cynics fan thought it's more in Paisley underground style (Rain Parade, Green on Red) than garage revival oriented. The B side is a Chocolate Watchband's cover, "Sweet Young Thing" and is more in the vein of the Chesterfield Kings, enjoy the guitar souned like a sitar that reminds "Paint it Black" and the ending a la "Psychotic Reaction".

OK pour tout les Grave Diggers, voici le tout premier disque jamais enregistré par es Cynics début 1985, également sorti sur le label de Lee Joseph, Dionysus. Sur ce single figure le premier chanteau Mark Kersman qui quitta le groupe peu après (il écrit aujourd'hui des articles dans diverses revues musicales). La face A est un morceau signé par tous les membres du groupe qui surprendra les fans des Cynics par son style qui évoque plus le Paisley Underground (Rain Parade ou Green on red) que le revival garage. La face B est plus classique, c'est une reprise assez fidèle du "Sweet Young Thing" du Chocolate Watchband un peu à la facçon des Chesterfield Kings avec notamment un super son de sitar qui évoque "Paint it Black" et un final à la "Psychotic Reaction".
The Cynics in the 80's (not the same line up than the single... if you have a picture of the Cynics with Keresman...)

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  2. Back in the 90's The Cynics would play in NYC a lot and I was fortunate enough to see them many times. When they were 'on' there was almost nobody better. It's great to hear these old singles again.

  3. Heu...Ce lien renvoie à nouveau à No Place To Hide.

  4. Sorry Wrong Number....c'est mieux comme ça...

    Yankeeboy... How lucky you were!

  5. Yeah and they're still a great band... Buy & listen to their last 2011 Lp Spinning Wheel Motel!