samedi 23 mars 2013

07. LISA LOMBARDO "Bridgette" (1992)

Lisa Lombardo made a brieve carreer in garage Punk in the late 80s/early 90s. She was in the San Francisco 60'"s inspired band Koel Family wich became The Gargoyles who released several records for Sympathy for The record Industry in a more punk-high energy style, remembrer their song "Michigan" in homage of the Detroit sound. At this time, Lisa's specialty was playing a pink stratocaster in bikini!!! Lisa also played in several Angy Samoans'Meta Mike solos album in early eighties. When Lisa spit from the Gargoyles, Jeff Dahl decided to put her out on his Ultra Under Label.  Lisa recruited Rich Coffee of Tommyknockers fame on lead guitar, Gargoyles bassist Julia Alstatt and her boyfriend at the time, Stevie Stiletto's drummer Dan Limerick. They recorded this single and one C , but never did any shows. The A side is a great punk-grungy original tune with great vocals that reminds me Paula Pierce. The B side is a Rocky Erickson "Cold Night For Alligators" cover where Rich Cofee is at his best! In the late 90's Lisa went in more heavy-gothic style, playing as Lisa The Wolf!!

Lisa Lombardo fit une brève carrière dans la scène garage-punk de la fin des 80's / début des 90's. Elle débuta dans le groupe garage rock de Frisco Koel Family qui changea son nom en Gargoyles en prenant un virage plus punk-high energy (plusieurs disques sur SFTRI dont "Michigan" en hommage au Detroit Sound). A cette époque une des spécialité de Lisa était de jouer sur une strato rose en bikini!! Lisa participa aussi aux enregistrements solos de Metal Mike des Angry Samoans vers la même époque. Quand elle quitta les Gargoyles, Jeff Dahl décida de la prendre sur son label Ultra Under Records. Avec le guitariste des Tommyknockers Rich Coffee, la bassiste des Garoyles, Julia Alstatt et son petit ami de l'époque le batteur de Stevie Stilleto, Dan Limerick, elle enregistra ce single et un CD mais le groupe ne joua jamais en live. la face A est une chanson originale punk-grungy avec un chant qui rappelle Paula Pierce. La face B est une reprise du "Cold Night For Alligators" de Rocky Erickson où Rich Coffee excelle. Dans la seconde moitié des années 90, Lisa vira plus heavy-metal / gothique se faisant appelée Lisa The Wolf!!

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  2. Thanks for this! Lisa came to my town years ago and did a good show. I banged her hard afterwards; she was into it.